I am based out of San Francisco, but I frequently travel to NYC, LA & Miami and am always available to meet you in your city during tours or FMTY.

I welcome first time clients always and am happy to make you feel as comfortable as possible when meeting. I love chatting over drinks while we get to know each other better as it's always a great ice breaker.
Screening is essential and a must new or not and required for anyone looking to book a date. The information you provide me is for my eyes only and is immediately destroyed upon completion of screening.
References are not a requirment for meeting, but please be prepared to provide the other requested info on my contact form prior to meeting.

I have multiple forms of social media all of which I am active on a regular basis. If you check out the rest of my website it offers a more personalized look into who I am as a person. I also have my sentiments page that offers a taste from previous gents experiences, but of course the best way is always to find out for yourself!

Twitter: @SylviaScarlett_
Instagram: @mssylviascarlett

I do not take any form of online payment the day of our appointment, however for deposits made upon booking I do accept venmo or cashapp.

Yes. Please note that all new clients will need to thoroughly screen prior to meeting. No exceptions.

Yes! I use mininmal touch ups when editing photos so what you see is what you get, if not better in real life (or so I'm told) And all photos were recently taken in the last 6 months. You can tell based off my hair which are the most recent!

As a newer provider I prefer to go solo.

First impressions are everything and if you're looking for a way to make my heart flutter in excitement of our time together nothing says it better than a thoughtful email from you when booking. Plus it's a lovely way for us to build a connection before even meeting. Text is impersonal and a flat in comparision. I am happy to give out my number once screening and booking is done so we may communicate the day of more efficiently, but would prefer sticking to email, particualry protonmail. Which is an encrypted email service that I highly recommend getting.

I always dress appropriately according to wherever we are meeting. I do love fashion so you can expect me to always be fashionably, yet tastefully dressed and never flashy. I not only value discretion wherever I am, but also have taste and know there is a time and place for all outfits.
I do take outfit requests should you have any and am more than willing to accomodate if I own it already. You are also more than welcome to bring me something for our special occasion as well. You can find my measurements & sizes under my "About" page.

I tour about once a month and always post here and on twitter when and where I'll be touring. I also post updates of future travel plans on my monthly newsletter so be sure to join! Here is a list of my favorite cities. If you don't see your city on my list I am always avaialbe for a FMTY date!