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Screening is an important process that prevents violence against women and is mandatory in order to set up an appointment with Sylvia Scarlett. Every single reputable provider in the United States screens. Please understand that this is a necessary and unavoidable part of the provider experience. Simply stated, in regards to escorting, if you are not content with giving out personal information about yourself for the purpose of keeping the woman you wish to see safe, then this is not the experience for you. Screening is a one time process for new clients and is not necessary for repeat clients once trust is established.

You must be over the age of 18 to submit this screening form, and as an adult anything consentual (of a sexual nature or otherwise) that happens during your time spent with Sylvia Scarlett (both paid and unpaid) is the private business of two consenting adults.

Sylvia Scarlett is the only person who has access to the infomation you provide.

No one else, including her assistant has access to the information you provide. All information is stored on server for one (1) week after which point it is permanently deleted and can never be reaccessed again. This is for your privacy. However, with this in mind, please do not submit form until you are ready to book an appointment otherwise if a week or more has elapsed this form will need to be resubmitted. Sylvia Scarlett acknowledges that the information asked in this form to ensure her safety is very personal, and your privacy is taken very seriously.

If you wish to have your information deleted at any time before the one (1) week period ends, please do not hesitate to contact Sylvia Scarlett at any time and your information will be promptly deleted as soon as she receives your request.

Standard screening (which is sufficient to clear 99% of potential clients) is offered free of charge. If you require deeper screening, a reasonable fee may be required to cover costs. This is extremely rare, and has only happened a couple times.